Cloud Strategy & Intelligence

What is Relus Cloud Strategy & Intelligence?


The Relus Cloud Strategy & Intelligence solution aligns the priorities of the business with the priorities of the technology department. Our comprehensive solution includes a dedicated Cloud Team with decades of technical expertise. These resources will analyze, survey, and develop a customized, business specific cloud strategy and action plan to align technology stack with the business at various stages in the cloud adoption journey. The Cloud Strategy & Intelligence solution covers a wealth of strategic areas, including gap analysis, cost advisement, performance management, and security design. This product offers areas to best suit both the short and long-term goals of the organization.

Cloud Strategy & Intelligence Solution


Relus Cloud Strategy and Intelligence is designed to bring business and technology together, delivering unified strategies for various cloud platforms for the organization. This is accomplished through the application of the following services:

  • Strategic Advisory & Planning
  • Architecture Design Best Practices
  • Cloud Integration & Security Advisement
  • Cloud Cost Advisement
  • Custom Education

Why Use Relus Cloud Strategy & Intelligence?

Operational Transformation

Cost-Efficiency Maximization

Stakeholder Buy-In

Cloud computing continues to enable organizational transformation. However, technology leaders are expected to meet the needs of the business and do more with less in record time. Relus brings industry-leading technical experience in both cloud computing and legacy architecture and design. We show businesses how cloud is uniquely different by merging cloud computing and overall business objectives. With the Relus Cloud Strategy & Intelligence solution, businesses can learn how to build cloud-driven, agile organizations.


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