Cloud Migrations


Organizations face three major challenges when undergoing a cloud migration: keeping the timeline short, managing costs, and reducing risk. It’s critical to have a team in place with the knowledge and experience necessary to do all of these things well. The Relus Cloud team has a proven track record of helping businesses of all sizes successfully navigate the complexities of migrating to the cloud.

Relus Cloud’s industry-leading cloud discovery and migration practice helps customers transition from any on-premise or cloud environment to AWS with agility, speed, security, and no disruption to the business. Our team of experts provides detailed guidance through the different phases of a migration project to ensure your move to the cloud is seamless, non-disruptive and secure.

Key Benefits

  • Experienced Cloud Migration Experts
  • Strategic Migration Planning
  • Fast & Cost Effective
  • Platform Agnostic
  • OS & Hypervisor Agnostic

Use Cases

  • Web-Based Workloads
  • Data Workloads
  • Media & Digital Workloads
  • Enterprise Workloads
  • Microsoft & Hypervisor Workloads


An International Advertising Company obtains a “single view of the truth” as it begins a global IT transformation. An early assessment resulted in the identification of multiple subsidiaries that were suffering from a serious lack of documentation and application architecture knowledge due to high employee turnover and company acquisitions. Our automated and agent-less Discovery technology was able to deliver a “true view” of their IT infrastructure and application dependencies ahead of their Global IT Transformation.


  • Agentless discovery for the enterprise
  • Non intrusive and secure
  • Customized outputs with application dependency/affinity mapping and cloud readiness
  • No Server Reboot
  • No Network port scanning or packet interrogation
  • Ability to map both internal and external port connections (external to scope or the network)
  • Data Collection happens locally to the host, no ongoing network overhead until final file upload

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  • Migrate and auto-provision multiple live enterprise workloads directly to any physical machine, cloud or hypervisor
  • Zero downtime migration of complete workload (application and data)
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Speed — 80% of the line rate for migration
  • Direct Integration into AWS VPC
  • ATAmotion provides automation in-flight OS upgrades
  • Linux and Windows support
  • Like for Like migrations (RHEL)
  • No cross-architecture support




We are experienced at migrating a wide range of workloads to the cloud, including eCommerce and retail, media distribution and delivery, Content Management Systems (CMS), big data applications, and more.

Our approach enables us to understand the intricacies of your migration and create a customized plan to successfully migrate to AWS. Our teams have been working together for years and have the cohesion, unity, and ability to work together while meeting the toughest deadlines and requirements of any migration.

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We’re here to accelerate your cloud adoption. Tell us about your goals and objectives and we’ll customize the right solution for you.


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