Cloud HealthCheck

Are You Getting the Most from AWS? Let Us Check. 


So you moved your IT operations to the cloud. Congratulations! But, are you leveraging its full potential? With new advances in cloud computing unfolding every day, keeping your AWS environment optimized can be challenging. That’s why we created HealthCheck.

Using your business goals as our guide, the experts on the Relus Cloud team will evaluate your existing cloud operations to ensure you’re making the most out of the technology. Drawing on our knowledge of cloud best practices, the HealthCheck process will help you find ways to increase efficiency, maximize your spend and uncover new areas for growth.

Key Components of Relus Cloud HealthCheck



Account Configuration

Through a comprehensive Account Configuration assessment, Relus Cloud will review multi-factor authentication setup, root access, and IAM account usage to ensure all is working properly.



The Relus Cloud Architecture Team will assess and report on your current levels of spend and waste and make recommendations for budget alarms and triggers specific to the environment. 




The Relus Cloud Architecture Team will evaluate the existing architecture for high availability, scalability, performance, and automation. We’ll tailor your architecture, so it’s optimized for your unique business requirements.



Disaster Recovery

We’ll review all current backup practices and a put a recovery strategy in place as necessary. We’ll also review your data retention policies and tailor them to your business requirements.



Security & Compliance

We provide a comprehensive security and compliance assessment to ensure your architecture leverages AWS security best practices.



Logging & Reporting

We’ll perform and analysis of your current AWS logging and reporting, leveraging Amazon CloudTrail and third party tools to ensure proper tracking.

Relus can Complete a Cloud HealthCheck in 4 Weeks or Less!

Let us know what you’re looking to accomplish and we’ll help identify the right solutions.


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