Relus Cloud Accelerator Program

When you’re ready to move to the cloud but aren’t ready to take the write-off for getting rid of your existing infrastructure, you need a financial solution. The Relus Cloud Accelerator Program is that and more.  Our cutting-edge program turns your existing infrastructure into an advantage by structuring a financial solution that pays you today at, or near, your full book value. Write-offs are eliminated and converted into a comfortable payment stream that coincides with an expert cloud migration plan.

What are Barriers to Cloud Migration?

People & Technical Expertise

Security Concerns

Financial Limitations


How It Works

The Relus Cloud Accelerator Program takes four simple steps to clear the financial hurdles associated with cloud migration:

Step 1

Cloud Migration Planning, Strategy, & Roadmapping

Step 2

Book Value Credit Given for Targeted Assets

Step 3

Migration Begins

Step 4

Assets Decommissioned & NEW Environment Goes Live


  • Takes data center assets off companies’ books
  • Eliminates any big potential write-offs
  • Leases assets until they are decommissioned from service
  • Declines total operating expenses until all assets are retired, and applications are completely migrated to the cloud

Accelerate Your Cloud Migration with

The Relus Cloud Accelerator Program!

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