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Relus is committed to providing enterprise cloud solutions that meet the demands of today’s leading firms. Relus arms brands with the technologies to create strengthened customer interactions through agile technologies that reduce compute and storage resources.

With AWS, Relus helps Marketers build tools and solutions to understand real-time changes in consumer behaviors, operational intelligence, and sales trends faster than ever. Relus leverages best practices in security and compliance to protect your most important asset, your customer.

Why Leverage AWS for Marketing & Commerce?


Scalable Data Storage


Faster Data Queries


Data Security


Recommendation Engines


Data Reliability


Lower Costs & TCO

Marketing & Commerce Cloud Solutions

Improved Response Rates | Scaled Demand | Increased ROI

PCI DSS Compliance

Compliance with PCI Security Standards brings major benefits to your online retail business. Failing to comply with the Security Standards Council can have serious consequences for your online sales. The Relus Cloud Team develops customized cloud solutions to help and assist with attaining compliance across the following:

Asset & Inventory Management

Thorough and detailed reporting of all IT assets and inventory affected by PCI DSS compliance.

Penetration Testing

Your assets will meet the latest PCI DSS requirements with regular penetration testing.

PCI Auditing

Your current environment goes through an independent audit to ensure security and compliance are met.

Eliminated Vulnerabilities

Security vulnerabilities are remedied for performance and reliability.

Continuous Integration 

A customer buying journey needs to be consistent yet allow a business to scale. AWS reduces costs, provides agility, and increases performance.

Relus develops enterprise DevOps and CI-CD solutions to develop next generation customer platforms. With seasonal changes in demand, businesses must be improve time-to-market while processing and managing robust eCommerce workloads.

Scale With Peak Demand

A scalable architecture for high-performance eCommerce and retail sales models.

High Availability

Assets are moved into two separate availability zones for built-in disaster recovery

Simplified Code Processes

Migrating your current code processes to the leading cloud-based code applications.

Continuous Integration Pipeline

Mirrored production environments for realistic testing and development.

Relus presented a comprehensive AWS solution beyond product mix promotion. Relus helped us leverage buying patterns, closed-loop reporting, persona profiling, and continuous integration to make our client marketing more effective!

Daniel Waltzer

Chief Executive Officer

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