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Four Benefits of Cloud Computing in Education

The marriage between technology and education began with simple games and tutorials, however it quickly transformed educational needs with new platforms, software, and portals. Now surrounded by technology, education professionals require simpler options for managing technology in their environment.

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31 Flavors of Data Science

31 Flavors of Data Science In today’s environment, nearly every organization is using data analytics to adopt a more data-driven approach to understand their customers, whether to inform their marketing strategy or otherwise. When I speak with our Big Data team about...

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Artificial Intelligence: A Future of Integrations

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the hottest technology disruption of 2017. Integrated components of machines will soon enable a small mechanism to run a full analysis and decision process on coin-sized hardware. Until this effort becomes reality, however, the complicated analytical tasks of AI will continue to require a great deal of compute power.

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Exploring Amazon Athena

You no longer need a cluster of servers, or a single EC2 instance, in order to perform ad-hoc queries on your data. Instead, Athena charges only for the data that is scanned during the query process, even forgiving charges for items such as DDL statements and failed queries.

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